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Conditions and Privacy Policy

  • By registering for a player owned account you agree that you are over the age of 13. A legal guardian of a player age 13 or under must be the owner and maintainer of the account. A coach or another authoritative figure of players age 13 or under must request permission from their legal guardian to submit personally identifiable information to our service.
  • Parents may request all data we have on players at any time, excluding: ratings, rankings, evaluation notes, and school comments.
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  • We do not monitor or provide any of your personal data to any entity for any reason except to law enforcement officials if requested.
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NCAA Certified Events

Notice to all


  • You must be Gold licensed and all players must register and watch the video on BBCS to participate in any NCAA certified events. Click here to register for an NCAA license.
  • Coaches there are 3 steps that you need to take in order for your team to complete all of the NCAA requirements.
  • As a coach you need to have your Gold License in order to register your team.
  • You must be gold licensed and all players must register and watch the video on BBCS to participate in any NCAA certified events.



  • Players will have to go to the NCAA website and register and do a educational course.
  • Only athletes that complete this registration will be allowed to participate at a certified event.